Premium Custom Window Well Covers

Colorado Cover Co. manufactures and installs the highest quality custom window well covers you can buy.

Proudly serving the Denver metro area since 1996, Colorado Cover Co. is committed to the highest standards of integrity. We value your time, budget, and always provide excellent customer service.

Colorado Cover Co. is the original lifetime warrantied polycarbonate window well cover company!

Call us today with your window well measurements for a free estimate!

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Ultra Strong Polycarbonate Covers - Durability, Safety, and Peace of Mind

Lifetime Warranty Against Breakage*

Supports Over 450 Pounds

Maintenance Free - Polycarbonate, with Aluminum Understructure

Prevents Injury to Kids and Pets

Allows Light In

Keeps Out Debris and Wildlife

Provides Privacy - Cuts Glare

Energy Efficient - UV Inhibited Polycarbonate

Custom Fit - Improves Appearance

Prevents Flooding From Clogged and Overflowing Gutters

Let the Sunshine In!

Our clear resin polycarbonate cover features a pebbled undersurface allowing the same light in as a standard window while hiding the dirt and providing privacy! The best part of the Duro-Tuff Cover™ is that it keeps out rain, snow, debris and wildlife all while allowing a small amount of air to flow beneath the cover.

Colorado Cover Company offers only egress safe attachments. Covers with clip-on attachments can be removed from inside or out. The optional security attachment is easily removed from the inside going out. It allows for a quick emergency exit. Both attachment types are designed to allow complete removal, eliminating the problem of propping the cover for escape.

The cover is attached to the well not the house, preventing damage to the siding or masonry. Our covers are custom to fit nearly any size and type of well.

With a written Lifetime warranty, you can rest assured your new covers will do their job for years to come.

"The covers are perfect. The fit is excellent, the locks work very easily from below, and I can even stand on them. Finally, a company that still provides quality."

- Dr. S. Parker